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Anonymous asked: I used to like this blog but I can't follow someone who subtly celebrates Hamas attacks on Israelis.


Until Palestine is recognized with Jerusalem as its capital, the occupation ended (this means making “Israel” a state of all its citizens), the wall torn down, and the Right of Return given, attacks on occupying forces are legitimate.

Religious people who help based on religion and liberals.

like a Christian lady who would donate clothes only if I give them to Christians.

when you do relief work, or at least when I do relief work, I focus on the people with less resources and in most needs, regardless of their race, nationality, religion or whatever.
if you want to help Christians and Christians only to feel better about yourself, go put your fucking “donation” at a church.
with love.

oh and whoever donate or contribute to feel better, or feel that they have done enough, fuck off.
Nothing we do is ever enough, nothing. relief work is not a solution, relief work is putting a bandage on a bleeding wound, if you really want to make things better be aware and work on eliminating what is causing the wounds.

Enough liberal shits, Target the structure, the whole damn structure. Enough awareness campaigns and ideals that focusing on individuals will save the world, even if we change our life styles, this won’t fully stop what we are fighting. you have an organized system working against you, so you better organize yourself and have a clear strategy to hit back, and hit where it hurts. 

Try to learn to breathe deeply, really to taste food when you eat, and when you sleep, really to sleep. Try as much as possible to be wholly alive with all your might, and when you laugh, laugh like hell. And when you get angry, get good and angry. Try to be alive. You will be dead soon enough.

—Ernest Hemingway (via fleurlungs)

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empirescollapse asked: ugh im sorry, my relatives are like that. always declaring their love for bashar and blaming syrian refugees in lebanon for ''taking up everything''

Thank you, it is sadly the reality of many, it is frustrating.

Racism in Lebanon has been growing due to our bad economical state and tension growing. Blaming the Syrians for taking up everything could be understood but never justified. It helps if you help switching their anger towards Syrians to the ruling class and government.
If we bring awareness that it is not the Syrian worker who is making your life a living hell, but the person stuck in his chair on top getting richer and not giving a fuck about your state or suffering.

This is not Islam.

massive attack at Byblos international festival

A rant

Sometimes I am ashamed of my family, I try to understand their anger towards Palestinians caused by the civil war conflicts.

Though to turn violent towards me and bash me for my stand against the regime in Syria and with the struggle of the Palestinians, that is just low.

to be told that I am a disgrace to Christians for forgetting what the Palestinians did to “us”, I wonder if you remember father what your party which you fought with during civil war did in Sabra and Shatila.
Why you never told me about it?
Why are you so afraid that I am turning to a leftist, why are you afraid that I helped organize a communist protest? that I attended socialists meetings? Why do I have to lie to you mother when I go to visit “muslim areas” or Palestinian camps, why did I have to justify to you that my boyfriend is a good man regardless of his religion or lack of it, just because you got shocked hearing that his name is “Mohamed”, and why is it okay to hear my brother say out loud with no hesitation “I wish the Lebanese forces would grow strong again to kill every damn Palestinian, even the kids and mothers”, why did you mother worry more about the tone of his voice and not the fact that your son is contemplating a genocide, why am I terrified of telling you that my boyfriend, yeah the one you see as only a “muslim” is also a Palestinian.
Dear family, I am not afraid of what your stand would be against me, I am more afraid of what harm you might cause with your racism and hatred to him.
I yearn for the day I could fully detach from you, I have always felt as the black sheep in the family, but now I feel the heat of it.
Mother, humanity is related to politics, and politics is not something you do as a major or career or on your free time. It is a struggle of life.
I will fight for this planet, to create the alternative the child in me has always wanted, I will fight because I have seen you family suffer as I have suffered in an environment of abuse and financial crisis and war.
Through all the hatred and violence caused by my father and brother, through all the sexual harassment and lack of voice caused by this structure, patriarchy, economy, media, culture…
I will fight because I have no other choice, Because my heart is breaking constantly while seeing the world breaking, I am attached to this planet and this world, and I know that only a living heart breaks, a fighting heart.